About the OSL

About the OSLAbout the OSLAbout the OSL
The Online Sports League is an ever growing video gaming league, dedicated to competitive games. Created in 2020 with the sole purpose of league driven, high skill, competitive gaming, the Online Sports League strives to bring in top quality players and train others, to help create a community wide gaming platform for sports-driven XBOX gamers.

The Online Sports League found an opportunity to open it's doors for players and found a difference among themselves from most other leagues... Having a variation of games that players can play from. Players can join into the Online Sports League Discord and choose to play in the Online Sports Hockey League, Online Sports Football League, and Online Call of Duty League. Three major games that XBOX Players enjoy divulging time into that players can now have the opportunity to play and be a part of in a comprehensible, respectful, and dedicated league of its own for each game.

Founder - The Don Bobz
President - RYDS0204