Team Owners will participate in a scheduled fantasy draft using the most updated NFL players roster. Games every other day lead way for Team Owners to have the opportunity to fight their way to the Superbowl.

Team Owners are expected to participate in the OSFL's Draft on the date it is scheduled

An OSFL Staff member will create the Franchise Mode, and invite the owners of the current season.

Team Owners will draft players for 25 rounds. After Round 25, the draft will be simulated.

Salary Cap, Injuries, and Pre-Existing Injuries will be turned OFF 

Game Regulations7min Quarters, 20 sec run-off, Play Call limit of 5, Play Cool down of 5, 10 total rushes and 10 total passes MINIMUM by the end of the game (unless plays don't add up to that many)

4th Down RuleMust PUNT if not past your own 40yd line. Anything at 4th & 5 OR LESS can be attempted at any moment in the game when at your 40yd line or better. In the 2nd Half, the losing team may go for it on 4th Down whenever to attempt to get back into the game; the winning team may go for it when up by 7 AND 4th and 5 or Less.

Please be tolerant of using plays such as drags and crossing routes and running out of the pocket until one of those routes get open. We are here to have fun, not cheese your opponent.

Kneeling to kill time and running backwards to kill time will NOT be tolerated. Video Captured evidence of such acts are valid for rematch or forfeiture deemed acceptable by OSFL Staff.

Teams may trade players with one another using ONLY players in trades. Draft Picks can NOT be traded. All trades to be sent into OSFL Owners Discord Chat to be reviewed by OSFL Staff before approval or denial. If a trade is approved by OSFL Staff, but not by Madden, both teams will release said players and claim the respective traded player(s) from Free Agents.

Stats will be kept and teams will be power ranked throughout the season. Awards will be given out for Owner of the Year, Best Offensive Team, and Best Defensive Team.

Play FAIR and Play with RESPECT